Month: February 2018

The Meadows – Columbine Drive, Steamboat Springs

The Meadows – Columbine Drive, Steamboat Springs The Meadows condominium complex is located at the corner of Columbine Drive and Walton Creek Road, in Steamboat Springs, CO.  It is well located and has both bus route access, and walking path routes to the ski area. 

What to do in Steamboat Springs in the Summer

Steamboat Springs is considered to be a world class destination area mostly for skiing, family friendly community, and consistent good service anywhere you go in town.  The big secret to Steamboat Springs is the Summer. Summer in Steamboat has just about everything an outdoors oriented 

Sunray Condominiums Columbine Drive Steamboat Springs

Steamboat Springs Sunray Meadows Condominiums

Sunray Condominiums Columbine Drive Steamboat Springs

Sunray was my home for a couple years and I found it to be a great community of families living the Steamboat life.  This community is built on the bus route and has two access points for this.  The area around Sunray Condominiums is all residential, mixed with town homes, single family homes, and condos.

The complex has well designed landscape that allows residents to move around the complex with ease.  Many persons walk dogs and stroll through the cottonwoods and evergreen trees that shade the landscape.  The homeowners association has spent a lot of effort on perennial flowers and watering to have color throughout the warm seasons.

The buildings are well built and have finished their construction in 2004.  The developers built a total of 112 condominiums ranging in size from 790 square feet to 1163 square feet.  Most of the units have two bedrooms and 2 baths.  There are combinations of 1-4 bedroom units with 1-3 bathrooms.  The upper units have vaulted ceilings and have good views of the eastern part of Steamboat Springs.  Some have limited views of Steamboat Ski Resort.

Each unit has a washer and dryer in it.  They also have heated garages.  The HOA pays for water and gas for all units in the complex.

The community is located three blocks from Steamboat Ski Resort.  The walk to the resort is an even stroll that can be done on the local walking trails or on the street side sidewalks.

Steamboat Springs Free Concerts

Summer is incredible in the West, especially in Colorado.  Colorado offers many opportunities for fun ranging from camping and hiking to brewery visits and concerts.  Colorado is a place where music is abundant.  It is a part of the culture of Colorado.  Many towns in 

Steamboat Winter Driving in Colorado

Steamboat Springs in the Winter is a magical time and place.  Deep snow covers everything.  Colorado Blue Spruce heavy with piles of snow, looking like snow ghosts against streetlights.  Christmas lights inspiring happiness and seasonal joy.  All really good stuff. And driving really isn’t that 

Steamboat Springs Disc Golf

Thunderhead Disc Golf Course in Steamboat Springs

Disc golf has become a favorite sport of mine.  With three courses nearby, I have been able to squeeze in games between meetings, and also just take off a little early at the end of the day for a round.  Steamboat Springs disc golf is done on mountain courses.  Uphill shots, throws across ravines, and tricky shots around rocks and trees make golfing here entertaining.

Steamboat Springs has Hillside at Colorado Mountain College.  The disc golf course located adjacent the dormitory is a fun, quick course.  I often call it a ‘true par 3’ course.  Others may not think so, but with my arm and accuracy, I’m able to par or birdie most holes.  With this course, it takes you around the base of a mountainside.  Most of the holes are easy to see, with a couple using raised flags off the baskets to help identify your target.  The most fun shots of the CMC course happen when weather is moving in or out.  Winds can gust to 40 mph and carry a disc a long way.

Thunderhead Disc Golf Course at Steamboat Ski Resort is a challenge.  This course is located at the base of Thunderhead lift, at the top of Burgess Creek Road.  Tee shots are long, often obstructed, and come complete with excellent views of the Yampa Valley.  There are definitely uphill tee shots to work with.  Overall, the tee to basket shots are commonly even in elevation.  The terrain between them is not.  A beautiful tee shot can be deceiving and a small hook leaves a lie in a ditch or caught in Tamarack limbs.  The downhill shots on this course are a lot of fun.  They take strategy.

My favorite, Haybro Redtail  Disc Golf Course, is located 20 minutes south of Steamboat Springs.  It is on private land and developed by serious disc golf players.  The course starts on the valley floor and takes a player uphill along a ridge above the farm.  Most holes are marked with basket flags because the terrain is all pro.  The shrubs and trees provide for excellent obstacles and many shots are through narrow spaces.  If the space is navigated well, the lie of your tee shot is usually excellent.

I find this course challenging and very fun.  The views are excellent, and the atmosphere is private, except for the occasional herd of cows.  When visiting Haybro, there is a waiver to sign and leave $5.  All of this is to keep the course in good condition.  It is a privately funded good time.

There are more reasons to be in Steamboat Springs other than great disc golf, and disc golf is a great bonus to being here.  It is great to get out and toss some discs with friends and enjoy Colorado a little bit more.