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Steamboat Winter Weather 2020

This Winter has been very snowy!  We have had a number of storms that stack up on after another and provide great conditions. NOAA, at the beginning of the season, talked about cold weather and a little bit of snow for the early season.  They…

Paul’s Steamboat Market Report Fall Mud Season 2019

We got our first snowfall of the season, and it got down to nine degrees!  It seems like yesterday we had snow, yet this Summer ranks in the most beautiful.  I guess it’s time for sweaters and boots! Here are recent stats: The market is…

Steamboat Springs Summer 2019

Approaching the fire tower at Hahn’s Peak

This is one of the best Summers to be in Steamboat!

Spring was wet.  Everyone will agree that it was off the charts with rainy weather, including two days where it snowed a few inches in town.  On Summer Solstice nonetheless!  

The result is a very green and lush Yampa Valley.  Trees, flowers, grasses all are full of life.  Wildlife is happy.  Visitors can’t believe the mild Summer weather nor the greens that are everywhere from hillsides to valley views.  

When Spring was raining, I noted two things: 1) this much water was going to make a beautiful Summer, and 2) El Nino was going to continue to keep it beautiful.  Lucky me, I was right!  

Having spent much time hiking nearby, it has been easy to enjoy the mountain climate.  Last weekend we took a trip to Hahn’s Peak for an overnight campout and hike up to the fire tower.  It was good to see so many people enjoying being out.  Though there were some bugs, camping out was very comfortable.  At night, the stars were vivid.  It was one of the clearest nights I have been able to observe the Milky Way.

On the hike up Hahn’s Peak to the fire tower, it was a little warmer than I wanted.  That being said, the hike was quick and towards the top, there were snowbanks dotting the landscape.  Some of them quite large and covering parts of the trail up.  It was great to see kids glissading down the snow and dogs rolling in the cold, tongues hanging out.

A weekend or so earlier, Rabbit Ears was much the same.  Meadows of wildflowers in bloom greeted us as we took the gentle hike towards the famous rock formation.  The number of flowers blooming was amazing and we found some we had not seen before.  Towards the transition to the top, there was a large snowfield we had to cross.  It was about a quarter-mile long, and at times two feet deep.  

Trekking up to Rabbit Ears

Both hikes were beautiful blue sky days like only Colorado can provide.  Being in Steamboat is something that I get bored from and do my best not to take for granted. Accessing great wilderness terrain within a short drive is a treat, and definitely one of the reasons I live here.  

Now that August is fast around the corner, families are considering the beginning of the school year.  Many visitors this week are many of these persons.  With many things still do, like tubing the Yampa and downhill mountain biking, it’s difficult to think that Summer will ever end.  Thankfully, when Summer ends, there is a great season approaching!

July 2019 Steamboat Springs Market Report

Steamboat has busted into a brilliant Summer!  The depth of green color and wildflowers has all of us more in love with where we live.  The Yampa River is ready for tubing and most of the trails are dried out and easily traveled.  It’s a…

Steamboat Springs May 2019 Market Report

The weather has been the topic of the month.  Granted we know this is ‘mud’ season, but the weather has been unusual.  We had snowfall all day yesterday, with the top of the mountain seeing greater than 10” of new snow.  It’s good to have…

Steamboat Springs Summer Events

Here’s a great list of events this Summer. I’m looking forward to the Free Summer Concert Series the most, where bands like the North Mississippi All Stars and Billy Strings will be playing.

What is Mud Season?

If you haven’t heard of mud season, it is a term used in Colorado ski towns to talk about the time between Winter and Summer seasons.  This isn’t defined as a date, like Solstice or Equinox.  It is defined more by when the local resort…

Steamboat Springs Market Report for November 2018

Steamboat Springs is again a winter wonderland.  Steamboat Resort is open, Christmas lights are hung all over town, and we’ve at least 10 inches of snow everywhere!  It’s a beautiful time of the year.  Enjoying Winter here is easy for me. The typical market cycles…

Old Town Steamboat Springs

old town steamboat springs real estate

Most cities have an ‘Old Town’ area.  These areas tend to be old homes near Main Street and have period architecture related to the booms in an economy.  In Steamboat Springs, these homes have seen the comings and goings of many families.  They are now well-kept with the large pride of the owners in them.

The design style of the interiors vary.  Many are renovated to keep the historic woods and finishes of when they were first built.  These homes have the classic lines of the 50’s and 60’s and are generally under 1400 square feet.  Every effort has been made to maximize the interior space, including renovating the attic into more rooms.

Several have been updated to what we call western mountain contemporary.  These homes can include a design that includes barn wood, rusted corrugated metal, and more.  Commonly, granite countertops are found, and some butcher block counters are found.  Cabinets have glass and floors a contemporary laminate or wood.

And there several that are remodeled to modern, somewhat urban design.  These homes can have a very industrial feel, with the dominant colors being grays and whites.  Occasionally I find a home that is decorated in all white, black, and stainless steel.  These homes are not as common as the classic, historic decor.

What these homes have in common is a pride of ownership.  Not being cheap, the owners of these homes keep well cared for landscapes.  Some landscapes are intricately designed with four-season color, tiered shrubs, and trees, as well as immaculately kept lawns.  The flowers for these garden areas range from old school perennials to new color varieties of uncommon plants, including hostas and echinacea.

I have seen these trends in other Colorado ski towns.  It’s been a treat to visit other areas and see the differences in the historic areas of town.  How a community preserves its heritage says much about a town.  Many Colorado ski areas were first mining towns or ranching towns that grew into places where ski bums and luxury lifestyle meet.  And that is what I often find when I stop by the local brewery!

How to find out Happenings around Steamboat

Steamboat Springs has a lot to do.  Every day there are opportunities for sports, education, and music.  Sometimes it is overwhelming to make a decision about what to do.  This is a quick article on where to find the best information on events. Steamboat Today…