The Famous Steamboat Barn – More Barn

The Steamboat Barn was made famous by a 1970’s marketing poster of two riders on horseback with skis, going through 18 inches of fresh snow.  It is a local icon and has been preserved as a historic building. Many people recognize this poster immediately. The 

What to do in Steamboat Springs in the Summer

Steamboat Springs is considered to be a world class destination area mostly for skiing, family friendly community, and consistent good service anywhere you go in town.  The big secret to Steamboat Springs is the Summer. Summer in Steamboat has just about everything an outdoors oriented 

Steamboat Springs Disc Golf

Disc golf has become a favorite sport of mine.  With three courses nearby, I have been able to squeeze in games between meetings, and also just take off a little early at the end of the day for a round.  Steamboat Springs disc golf is 

New Snow in Steamboat Springs

I know Steamboat Springs best for beautiful blue sky days.  The big sky with the bright sun makes most days here a little more mystical.  The seasons compliment the sky, bringing hues that are full of life.  Other days, those in which gray skies are 

Steamboat Springs Winter Driving in Colorado

Steamboat Springs in the Winter is a magical time and place.  Deep snow covers everything.  Colorado Blue Spruce heavy with piles of snow, looking like snow ghosts against streetlights.  Christmas lights inspiring happiness and seasonal joy.  All really good stuff. And driving really isn’t that 

32″ of Snow in 3 Days

This ski season in Steamboat Springs has been affected by La Nina quite a bit.  We have seen big dry spells throughout Colorado.  This isn’t very common.  The weather seemed like Autumn would never end.  If I recall, December 12th was my last frisbee golf