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Steamboat Springs Summer Events

Here’s a great list of events this Summer. I’m looking forward to the Free Summer Concert Series the most, where bands like the North Mississippi All Stars and Billy Strings will be playing.

What is Mud Season?

If you haven’t heard of mud season, it is a term used in Colorado ski towns to talk about the time between Winter and Summer seasons.  This isn’t defined as a date, like Solstice or Equinox.  It is defined more by when the local resort…

Steamboat Springs Market Report for November 2018

steamboat springs real estate resort gondola

Steamboat Springs is again a winter wonderland.  Steamboat Resort is open, Christmas lights are hung all over town, and we’ve at least 10 inches of snow everywhere!  It’s a beautiful time of the year.  Enjoying Winter here is easy for me.

The typical market cycles of Winter are also at hand.  Winter is not the easiest time for Sellers and Buyers.  Sellers have a hard time getting views and Buyers have a hard time finding inventory.  A common occurrence is Sellers will take their property off the market for December and January, sometimes longer.  Sellers then rent out their homes and condos for premium values through the holidays.

Here are the recent stats:

real estate trends steamboat springs colorado october 2018

It appears that new listings are trending up and sold listings down.  Sales prices are mostly flat.  The charts don’t really go into sales prices as I see them daily.  Condos and townhomes have found peaks, depending on what a family is looking for.  For short-term lodging, these units have seen price increases.  For starter condos, these homes have seen a recent top.  (I don’t know where values are going.  I have seen prices in this category remain the same, trend down, and some sales reach the recent top.)

News about recent real estate trends tends to be about a slowing market.  This has been discussed within financial circles for 6 months.  Nationally, it is becoming more of a conversation.  Denver, the market that most reflects where Steamboat could be going, is seeing rent increases slow and homes are not selling as quickly as they have in recent years.

For Steamboat Springs, the smart people I talk with think we are about two months behind Denver.  For the short term, the market will trend towards a Buyer’s market.  For the long term, it appears that people are going to continue to move to Steamboat Springs and there is still a shortage of housing.  Steamboat’s reputation of an affordable ski town will remain for a handful of years or more.



Old Town Steamboat Springs

Most cities have an ‘Old Town’ area.  These areas tend to be old homes near Main Street and have period architecture related to the booms in an economy.  In Steamboat Springs, these homes have seen the comings and goings of many families.  They are now…

How to find out Happenings around Steamboat

Steamboat Springs has a lot to do.  Every day there are opportunities for sports, education, and music.  Sometimes it is overwhelming to make a decision about what to do.  This is a quick article on where to find the best information on events. Steamboat Today…

How to Find Local News on Steamboat Springs

Steamboat Springs News

Being up to date on local news is something I enjoy.  The news in Steamboat is more often feature stories over hard news.  Most hard news is related to local government, though sometimes we see our local law enforcement making good arrests or helping out in rescues.

Our main newspaper, the Steamboat Today, is a great resource.  Around town, there are a number of places where a person can pick up a free copy of the newspaper.  For persons out of town, there is an e-version that can be found on the newspaper’s website.

The City of Steamboat Springs has a community news webpage on their main site.  It covers a number of community matters and events.  Easy to read and kept up to date, this page is helpful.

Finally, for reading news, Google News offers a good collection of current articles relevant to Steamboat and Routt County.  Google aggregates area news articles and prioritizes them.

For television news, Steamboat TV offers news and lifestyle coverage.   They highlight events, people making progress in the area, and lifestyle coverage that is supplemented with great videos from Outside TV.  There is also coverage of city meetings.

News in Steamboat is exciting when it is about athletes in town, Steamboat Resort opening or improving lifts and restaurants.  It also gets a lot of attention when the strange and unusual occur.  Normally Search and Rescue is involved in the story, and that team is great at what they do and succeed.

Steamboat Springs October Market Report

  September to mid-October, Autumn set in and the colors in Steamboat were amazing, especially during the full moon.  We are now in our shoulder season, the time between Summer visitors and Winter visitors.  It’s quiet, and our market has begun to show it. Here’s…

How to Buy a Condo in Steamboat Springs

  In’s and Out’s of Buying a Resort Condo in Steamboat Springs Depending on why you want a condo, buying a condominium often seems easier than it really is. We have many different discussions with individuals and families regarding buying a resort condo. These discussions…

September in Steamboat

steamboat springs september aspens

September has become a favorite month for me.  Steamboat in September is a beautiful place and as the days change from warm to cool, the colors are also changing.  Our gardens are producing the last of the squash and tomatoes that they can before the frost.  The weather has monsoon rains that come and go with great thunder booms and big raindrops.  And we all can sense that Summer shenanigans are coming to a quick close.

Labor Day weekend tends to be a fun and busy weekend.  Many people visit to get a last bit of Summer in.  Between enjoying resort activities like hiking, Sunset Happy Hour, and the mountain coaster, the resort offers many things to do with a view.  Smiling faces with cameras nearby is a common site.

The next weekend is Chili Cook Off, held by the Main Street Association.  It’s held in conjunction with one of the last Farmers’ Markets of the year.  Persons compete to claim an award that proves they are a chili master.  Patrons enjoy over 12 different chili’s and local microbrew beer from Steamboat breweries.  The event a Steamboat favorite.

For me, the last event of the season is Oktoberwest.  It is Steamboat’s most popular brewfest.  Many breweries and ciders from around the state come in and share their craft drinks.  Each year, there is a great band that keeps things moving and shaking.  Though it isn’t the last event where locals can say hello to each other before it gets cold, it is the largest event where we can gather with sunglasses on and the biggest smiles we can wear.

All of this is fun, but it doesn’t compare to noticing hummingbirds migrating south, bears finding the last berries of the season, and watching the gold colors of Aspens slowly move downhill.  The bright hues of yellow, orange and red are both exhilarating and bittersweet.  Autumn is beautiful in Colorado.  Aspens are one plant that make it very epic and breathtaking.  And it also signals the end of Summer and the anxious wait for snowfall begins.

While students are working on their schoolwork and playing sports, without question their thoughts and conversations include tuning ski gear and getting new gear because they outgrew last year’s gear.  Adults, though thinking similar thoughts, are eager to get more downhill mountain biking in, as well as a camping trip or two in before it gets too cold.

September in Steamboat Springs is an excellent time.  Between the beautiful color changes and Fall activities, it is easy to appreciate being in a place that offers so much so close.

Steamboat History Links and Books

Steamboat has had a very western history.  Having been a place where Native Americans would not Winter over, it is now a bustling area of athletes, professionals, retirees, and folks who want to live in a beautiful place. Steamboat is known for the first ski…