real estate tips steamboat springs home

With the current market in Steamboat Springs, having an edge on the homes that compete with yours, it is good to be informed, and positioned ahead of the crowd.  Here are a few tips that can help get your Steamboat home sold –

Get Market Familiar:  When I consult with homeowners about selling their homes, I ask many questions to find out what is behind the decision to move.  What I find in the answers is how much research owners have done.  There is plenty of information online (especially for Colorado homes) to figure out what your home is worth.  What a broker brings to the conversation is related to communities, current buying trends, and hard data that helps understand how to price your home.  An estimate of time to sale is also a conversation that is usually had.

Hire a Home Stager:  I’m a guy.  I need help with staging a home because I’m not creative with home interiors.  With the experience I have, I know good staging when I see it.  However, I’m not the person to consult for colors, furniture positioning, feng shui, and more.  A professional home stager can be inexpensive, and very valuable.  Home stagers are adept at making a home look good, similar to the way a real estate photographer makes rooms look bigger and brighter.  A home stager can help bring a quicker sale and more.

Make Necessary Home Repairs:  Home repairs that are necessary have two categories: 1) has to be fixed, and 2) has to be upgraded to get better value.  Broken doors, oven lights, leaky faucets and the like are easier to identify and repair.  Items that can bring greater value or a quicker sale should be discussed with the Home Stager or your Broker.  Paint and carpet can go a long way.  Replacing appliances without upgrading a countertop can be spending money with no return.  Take time to consult your professional team when considering what repairs and upgrades will bring the most value.

Declutter and Depersonalize:  My wife finds this difficult.  I’m sure many others find it to be a challenge as well.  We live in our homes and our personal items are dear to us.  If it is a vacation home you are selling, it is easier to declutter and depersonalize because most of these items are not numerous.  If you spend a lot of time in your home, personal items are everywhere.  And items that make life easier, like a blender or plant stand, are being used.  If an item hasn’t been used in over a month, it is a good candidate to get packed.

Make the Entry Welcoming:  Many home owners overlook this detail.  It has been an education for myself to observe how the entry of a home can make or break a sale.  Often I’ve run into bumpy driveways, broken stoops, muddy welcome mats and more.

The entry to a home is like the first impression of a person you meet.  Within moments judgements are made.  To make a good impression, would you meet someone in slippers and a smoking jacket?  I doubt it.  It’s the same with a home.  When the entry is welcoming, clean, and smells good, major hurdles have been overcome.  A prospective buyer can feel safer and linger longer to see if their family would enjoy the home your are selling.