Aspens in Steamboat Springs

It’s Spring and my phone is ringing consistently.  Over the past few weeks, I’ve received a number of questions about buying and building in Routt County and Steamboat Springs.  There are many things to consider when taking this approach, mostly time and costs.

Purchasing the right lot might be the easiest part of the process.  Lots are common in Stagecoach and soon-to-be Hayden.  The town location is usually the first choice made.  Town location has much to do with schools, retail amenities, restaurants, and more.  Each community has pros and cons, and what the property is going to be used for plays into which community would be a better fit.

Lots are either improved or unimproved.  

Improved means that utilities are at the lot.  Water, sewer, and electricity are the primary services we discuss.  In Stagecoach particularly, lots often do not have sewer service nor are large enough for a septic system.  (In Routt County, if you have more than 5 acres, you are able to get a septic system.)  For lots under 5 acres, the county requires a vault system.  This is essentially a concrete box in the ground that holds effluent from the house and is pumped out by a service provider when it gets full.

When a lot is unimproved, this means no services are on the lot. Considerations of where a well can be drilled and a vault system/septic can be installed.  Where is electricity and should alternative power sources be investigated?

This is all investigative stuff, but first, what kind of lot do you want?  Does it have to have trees?  Does view matter?  What about the ability to have gardens or a large outbuilding?  When considering these parts, it almost seems as if utilities are secondary.  Utilities can be figured out more easily than the building site, let alone making sure the nature of the lot fits a person and community.

For many of us, the Internet is essential as a utility.  Being able to work as well as be entertained, the Internet has become an essential piece.  When buying a lot, or any land, considering how the Internet will be provided means many things.  In many areas of rural Routt County, satellite service is what is most commonly used.  Satellite does not provide very fast speeds and is improving each year.  Locally, Zirkel Wireless is a provider to many areas near Steamboat.  When considering a property, having Zirkel Wireless identify if they can service your area is as easy as giving them a call.  Fiber optic cable is also making its way down major roads.  Stagecoach is seeing this being installed over the last year.


Questions?  Give me a call.