Farmers Market is open for the Summer!

Steamboat has been a great place to weather the world’s pandemic.  The weather has been mixed Spring showers and sunshine.  The pattern broke at the end of May to be brilliant Spring.  Daytime temps are in the low 70’s.  Overnight temps are in the low 50’s.  The Yampa River reached its peak at the beginning of the month, with flows moving fast enough for adventure floaters.  If everything goes well, the river will keep plenty of water in it and the Summer temperatures stay under 90 degrees.

Really, my headline is a bit misleading.  There are some new things in Steamboat, but not many.  The big new things are like yours – being allowed to shop, eat out something that’s not take-out, and visit local social places in small numbers.

With the changes in Colorado opening up for business, we have been able to be ahead of other communities with Colorado State granting waivers to open up earlier.  We have been eating out, enjoying strolls downtown, and visiting favorite stores, like Straight-line Fly Fisherman.

Still no group settings.  Groups of up to 50 are expected to be allowed soon, as well as live music.  What this will look like is unknown.  What I can say is I have a lot of friends itching to see some live music…

My wife and I had a treat of experiences when Steamboat was opening up. Old Town Hot Springs was taking reservations only for the first week they opened.  We got an early evening time, for an hour, which is what all reservations were.  When we got in to the pools area, we found that only 18 people were allowed in!  We essentially had private pool area to ourselves!  This is rare, and often happens only at 5:30 am when the facility first opens.

There have been other similar experiences we have had, like eating out with no one around or being the only persons is a store that is normally crowded.  These are small town things, and they make us happy nonetheless.

What’s going on in Steamboat?  Much of it is navigating when and where to meet friends, celebrate a birthday, planning the next camping trip and more.  There are many people visiting Steamboat right now – there are visitors enjoying late night howling, swimming in pools, lots of mountain biking, and people hiking to see wildflowers and waterfalls.

So, not much is going on.  All events have been cancelled for the Summer, so what is left to do is much why we live here.  Being outside, enjoying nature, finding the best beer for the afternoon, and saying hello to passerby’s.