Snow sculpture making at Winter Park

The amount of energy that goes behind putting a wedding together is amazing.  A long time family friend of mine is getting married this coming weekend.  For his bachelor party, we opted to go skiing for a day.  After much discussion of where to go, we found Mary Jane at Winter Park to be our destination.

Through the week, I watched the weather.  A few sunny days were excellent to clear the roads, move huge snow piles, and to enjoy blue skies.  If the weather this Winter wasn’t so awesome in the way of new snow, we might be light deprived.  But not now, the days of sunshine were excellent.  As you can guess, after sunshine comes snow.  

This week we had a quick, powerful snowstorm come to the northern mountains.

I warned my friends, who live on the Front Range, that weather was coming.  We all left early for the resort.  My drive from Steamboat Springs to Winter Park was with plowed, snow covered pavement.  At 45 mph, it wasn’t too bad.  It took me two hours.  It didn’t snow at all on the drive until I got to the town of Winter Park.  To me, this was a great sign!

Thankfully I was driving myself.  Once I got to the resort, it took me longer than I expected to get my gear on and walk to the lift.  My friends had already done one run when I finally caught up to them.  From hereon, it was an excellent day.

It’s not often we get to ski in weather where it’s snowing more than an inch an hour.  We were at the resort, skiing, for about five hours.  It snowed the whole time and accumulated over 6 inches during that time.  It was a fine day full of fun snow piles, enchanting tree runs, and big powder smiles!

To my delight, the drive back was really easy.  Just wet roads where snow had melted away.  Plus, in between Steamboat Resort and Winter Park, there wasn’t much new snow.  The roads cleared quickly.

Once back in Steamboat Springs, I found it snowing here, and at the same rate.  The snow around my condo was deep!  Having had such a good day on a Sunday, it made going to work on Monday all the better.