Steamboat Springs Daily Occupancy Report

Things have changed in Steamboat for occupancy.  This past weekend is a prime example.  Tourists were everywhere enjoying Steamboat as best they can.  Though lift lines were beyond record length, folks were enjoying the first real storm of the season.  

The chart above is provided to me through the Steamboat Springs Chamber of Commerce.  

Looking at the past weekend and comparing it further out, it appears that this weekend, Presidents Day and Valentines Day, will have an equivalent number of people here.  Then, over the end of Winter, the historic pattern of bookings occurs.  It appears to me from this chart that Steamboat Springs, still working with the same drop off of business as usual, will be above average for bookings, though down from last year.

We saw a similar pattern through the Fall mud season, where we had reduced number of tourism from Summer, but normal to above normal numbers.

COVID has brought a different trend for us this year.  Families want to get out of their homes.  I do too.  Steamboat and other places in western Colorado are great places to get away to.  With our communities now almost a year into COVID restrictions, caring for ourselves is different.  Many people bring an Instant and order take out.  Masks are commonplace.  In fact, everyone would rather wear a mask and keep the resort open than risk personal or resort penalties.

2019/2020 was a better season for bookings, and this season isn’t too far off.  It is a big question for most of us on how things are going to look different in the future.