Sooner than later weather is changing to Winter and snowmaking will begin.

Over the seasons, it’s easy to get caught up in activities, vacations, and people visiting.  The sun is out, the sky is blue (or snowing), and the days are filled with things to do and smiles. And me, I’ve got a bit of farmer deep inside and watching the seasons has become second nature.

Summertime is the easiest, in my opinion, to get distracted.  The sun is up forever every day.  It’s warm out. And the waterways call our names for swimming and fishing.  Summer has many more things to do as well.  Being outside for Summer is much different than Winter.  In Summer, there is golfing, hiking, and more.  In Winter, most activities are short.

In any season, it’s good to watch for changes.  This Summer has been a good example.  In June, temperatures soared into the 90’s, before Summer Solstice.  Then fires started.  This weather lasted for a few weeks, then, winds came along and temperatures lowered- monsoon rains started a week later.  This weather has lasted July and August, much to our pleasure.  We were anticipating brown hillsides and received a consistent green.  (Though, now later in Summer, most of these plants have lived out their lives and are now browning.)

The farmer in me gave notice this week- a much anticipated cooling off is about to occur.  Since June, we have not seen many days over 90 degrees.  Now, the weather is shifting to be in the mid-70’s to the mid-80’s.  Over the past week, things have been shifting.  Clouds are moving differently.  California smoke is not as prevalent.  And nights have been getting cooler.  The forecast for this week has proven my instincts correct- cooler weather is expected as well as rain. 

This cooler weather is different than just cool weather moving in.  This is a clear shift from Summer to Autumn.  The hot days of Summer are about to conclude and the brisk, fresh air of Fall is beginning.  I realize that Autumn starts next month, but nature doesn’t always pay attention.  Plus, living in an alpine area, cooler weather is more expected than not.

Farmers locally are putting away the last of their hay.  Many folks have been gathering firewood for a month now.  Winter is on the way!  But first, we get to enjoy the changing of Summer to Fall and all the the colors this brings to Colorado!