Yampa River near Spring Creek, Steamboat Springs

The first snow came to Steamboat!  What a great day this always is!  And today was a great day, with everyone staying inside and watching it snow for hours.  Good thing it’s also a Sunday so football could be a great distraction.

But not for me.  Football was great for about an hour and I couldn’t take it anymore!  Being inside for the afternoon was not working for me.  So I decided to go for a walk downtown and K said she would meet me at Tap House for wings and the Broncos game.  I figured from my condo, which is adjacent the ski resort, would be about an hour or so from the restaurant.  

I put on the snow gear I had and started to town.  

Snow was falling at about an inch an hour.  There was already 3+ inches on the ground when I made it to the sidewalk.  With a little breeze, the snowfall was enjoyable to watch.

It wasn’t long when I realized that the City wasn’t plowing anything, and neither was the property management companies.  In fact, in the entire time I was walking, I saw two snowplow trucks, both downtown- one from the city and one from the State.

This made things really nice.  Very few cars and even less people were out and about.  I ran into two ladies walking their dog when I first made it out to Mount Werner Road, and that was it.  I did see other footprints along the way, however the were 20 minutes old or more.  I walked in their path anyway to make my steps a bit easier.

The snow came in cold, so it was light and easy to move.  Walking in it for a couple miles was very different.  I’ve hiked snow for miles before, but this was different.  Having concrete or pavement under fresh snow made steps firm, and packed oddly with snow.  No two steps were alike.  

Fetcher Park, Steamboat Springs

Once I passed Fetcher Park, I walked along the river.  The views were good and the snowfall made everything more quiet than normal.  The bridge over Spring Creek was an excellent scene.  Quiet, yet the sound of water over rocks brought a soothing moment to an already serene experience.

I made it town shortly after.  Walking down Lincoln Avenue brought back memories of last Winter and made me think hopeful thoughts of this Winter being white, full of smiling people, and deep snowboarding powder turns!

Overall, the walk was a bit more than an hour, and the Broncos lost.  The wings were excellent!