Winter More Barn Steamboat Springs

The Steamboat Barn was made famous by a 1970’s marketing poster of two riders on horseback with skis, going through 18 inches of fresh snow.  It is a local icon and has been preserved as a historic building.

Many people recognize this poster immediately. The photo on the poster captures western lifestyle and features Steamboat Ski Resort.  It was a difficult photo to get and the photographer, Gerald Brimacombe, didn’t have but one chance to capture all that Steamboat is.  If he did not get the photo shot, everyone would have to wait for another heavy storm to move through.

Right after Winter Carnival, Jo Semotan and Rusty Chandler donned their winter riding clothes, and rode through unblemished snow, down towards Brimacombe.  The resulting photo has been a mainstay of Steamboat marketing thereafter.

The barn belonged to the William More family.  They came to Pleasant Valley in 1885, and through the hard times of the Depression, lost their property.  William’s grandson, Jerry, purchased the Yock Property in 1957 where the picturesque More Barn sits.  The barn itself was built between 1926 and 1928.

The More Barn now represents Steamboat Springs.  Many photos of it can be found in photo stock websites and in many blogs.