It’s Sunday afternoon and we were coming back from a birthday party.  My wife and I decided to tour condominium complexes in the Steamboat Boulevard area.

This is a beautiful area with homes from different building booms over the last 20 years.  Some of the homes still have the classic old school western look.  More contemporary homes kept some of the historical architectural elements, and have the materials and colors of recent building technologies.

Overall, this is a beautiful drive.  Beautiful homes and big views.

Again, we were flabbergasted by moose in the neighborhood.  I know I go on about moose in Steamboat, but how often does anyone run into moose?

moose in front of house in steamboat springs

A month ago I was hosting an open house in this same area and saw several mule deer bucks traveling through.  These moose, located about a block from where I saw the mule deer, are very comfortable.  They probably didn’t get up and move until the sun rose.  Local homeowners make it easy for wildlife to be welcome.    Sure homeowners can find ways to motivate moose down the road, but why?  You can’t buy lawn ornaments like that.  Gosh, you don’t have to feed them nor mow around them.  You do have to stay out their way…

Some of the best broker photos I have seen to market homes are those with wildlife, particularly moose.  Out of town buyers are as amazed as locals when these moose pose for a photo.  To have a moose bedded down in the front yard makes the marketing a bit simpler.  Photo evidence of having a home in an area resembling Northern Exposure is enough make most friends awestruck and bit jealous.  As a broker, it makes selling the Steamboat Springs experience easier.

When touring homes and neighborhoods with prospects, discussions of wildlife come up.  Because Steamboat is a world class destination area, many prospects are enamored by wildlife, our architecture, and how we are a community with a ski resort rather than a resort with a community.  These are the things that attract most of our prospects to purchase here over other resorts.