Steamboat Springs Downtown in Winter

Downtown Steamboat Springs, Colorado is part of the reason we are a popular destination area.  There are many opportunities for dining, art scene, entertainment, and retail therapy.  These combined with a beautiful setting along the the Yampa River, make the downtown area relaxing and fun.

Each first Friday of each month, the downtown businesses offer an Art Walk, where we can take our time and stroll through the evening, enjoying easy cocktails at both museums and galleries.  A popular evening amongst locals and visitors alike, Steamboat Springs’ First Friday Art Walk has good attendance in all seasons, with perhaps the most fun being the December date, where downtown is lit up in Christmas glory and cheer is felt everywhere.

Overall, the art scene in Steamboat Springs is vibrant and healthy.

Entertainment in Steamboat Springs is varied and includes nationally known musicians, artists and songwriters, actors, and comedians.  I know this sounds extreme for a small town, yet it’s true.  The downtown area has several venues that bring acts that are common names, plays that are the same or original, plus comedy.  The Chief Theatre is a well-supported, non-profit that continuously has great shows.  In summertime, Steamboat Free Concerts brings in bands for the community and visitors to enjoy for free, though they like it when we buy their beer!  (Beer sales help support the cost of the event.)

Retail therapy is excellent downtown Steamboat activity.  We have many stores that fit many tastes.  There are typical stores for a tourist town, like t-shirt shops, and we have stores that fit both western tastes and alpine design.  For most ages of people, there is a store that will fit your style.  There are stores also for the athlete in mind.  From fly fishing, trail running, camping, and outdoor living, Steamboat Springs downtown satisfies much of the needs of mountain sport activities.

In the Summer, there are numerous activities each weekend, with the most common and popular Farmer’s Market.  Farmer’s Market encompasses three full blocks.  Vendors arrive early and stay open until 2:00 in the afternoon.  Items that can be found range from handmade jewelry and clothes to fresh garden vegetables and culinary breads, jams, and smoked meats.

If you are about to visit Steamboat Springs, send me a note.  I just might have a good tip for what to do while you’re in town!