Steamboat Springs Happenings winter activity

Steamboat Springs has a lot to do.  Every day there are opportunities for sports, education, and music.  Sometimes it is overwhelming to make a decision about what to do.  This is a quick article on where to find the best information on events.

Steamboat Today Happenings pages in the newspaper are the locals.  It’s two pages of clubs and events.  What is even more informative is the website.  The newspaper doesn’t have enough room to print all of the submissions they receive.  As well, the newspaper often has articles on upcoming events.  Articles on the Hot Air Balloon Rodeo, Tour de Steamboat, and Octoberwest are seen almost every year just before the weekend of the event.

Steamboat Resort events page commonly has just resort events.  That being said, some of the events are not to be missed.  The resort has many activities ranging from bike and ski events to concerts, Family Fun Night and Sunset Happy Hours found at the top of Mount Werner in Thunderhead Lodge.

Steamboat Chamber of Commerce also has an events page.  This calendar has some over-lapping information on it.  But it comes from the Chamber and they have a great take on the events in Steamboat.  The Chamber is around to promote Steamboat and help visitors and citizens find what they are looking for.

Schmiggity’s Concert Calendar is one of the best for nightlife entertainment.  Though the events start late, they are contemporary.  Schmiggity’s brings in some of the best talents for small venue concerts, plus they have karaoke and live band karaoke on separate nights.  The vibe of Schmiggity’s is fun and brings crowds in consistently.

Old Town Pub calendar is a great place to find good bands.  A locals venue, Old Town Pub has great character, lots of space, a versatile stage, and a decent bar menu.  It is easy to find locals gathering at Old Town Pub most times of the day, especially happy hour where they have some of the best values in town.

Steamboat Sailor’s sports calendar has all the sporting activity each day for the high school.  Steamboat boasts a broad and competitive athletic program.  Any time around the school year, a game is going on.  From lacrosse to football, Steamboat has much to offer.

Check out the calendars above.  You might be surprised when you find a rodeo, car show, or fireworks happening.