old town steamboat springs real estate

Most cities have an ‘Old Town’ area.  These areas tend to be old homes near Main Street and have period architecture related to the booms in an economy.  In Steamboat Springs, these homes have seen the comings and goings of many families.  They are now well-kept with the large pride of the owners in them.

The design style of the interiors vary.  Many are renovated to keep the historic woods and finishes of when they were first built.  These homes have the classic lines of the 50’s and 60’s and are generally under 1400 square feet.  Every effort has been made to maximize the interior space, including renovating the attic into more rooms.

Several have been updated to what we call western mountain contemporary.  These homes can include a design that includes barn wood, rusted corrugated metal, and more.  Commonly, granite countertops are found, and some butcher block counters are found.  Cabinets have glass and floors a contemporary laminate or wood.

And there several that are remodeled to modern, somewhat urban design.  These homes can have a very industrial feel, with the dominant colors being grays and whites.  Occasionally I find a home that is decorated in all white, black, and stainless steel.  These homes are not as common as the classic, historic decor.

What these homes have in common is a pride of ownership.  Not being cheap, the owners of these homes keep well cared for landscapes.  Some landscapes are intricately designed with four-season color, tiered shrubs, and trees, as well as immaculately kept lawns.  The flowers for these garden areas range from old school perennials to new color varieties of uncommon plants, including hostas and echinacea.

I have seen these trends in other Colorado ski towns.  It’s been a treat to visit other areas and see the differences in the historic areas of town.  How a community preserves its heritage says much about a town.  Many Colorado ski areas were first mining towns or ranching towns that grew into places where ski bums and luxury lifestyle meet.  And that is what I often find when I stop by the local brewery!