View from Four Points Steamboat Springs Resort

Spring skiing isn’t for everyone, and since I live here, I’ve found it is for me!  Spring skiing is a lot of fun with sunshine and warm days making snow slushy.  And the snow is pretty much no fun around 2:00, which then it becomes time to see live music at the local slope side hang outs, or visit the hot springs, or any other of the numerous fun things to do in town.

My top 5 reasons I love Spring skiing in Steamboat Springs:

1)  Blue sky days:  Early Spring has many days of sunshine and big blue skies.  The Summer birds are starting arrive, and the bears are waking up.  February and March can have several days in a row of gray skies, usually bringing snow with them.  This year, a pineapple express came through and blessed us with more than two feet of snow over 5 days.  When the sun came out, it was beautiful!

2)  Outdoor Concert Season:  Spring brings the first outdoor concerts (that are warm).  Being outside on Gondola Square listening to national bands with great talent play music to a crowd is wonderful.  Many happy faces and people dancing sets the mood for a great evening.

3)  Spring Ski Clothing:  I’m not just talking about less dress and a pair of snow pants.  I’m talking about costumes, onesies, and cutoff shorts.  The skiing scene in Spring is full of festive frolicking.   I find persons who bring a show to the hill are very fun.  I’ve had too much fun with friends in costumes – now I’m on the look out for one myself.  A favorite story is a young woman friend of mine wore a princess costume over her ski clothes.  Every little girl was in awe.  She got so many complements and photos!  Nothing like being a fairy tale star!

4)  No Crowds:  When it’s warm out, and the snow isn’t perfect, being able to get a table on the deck of Four Points or Stoker is a great day.  Enjoying the view, the few skiers that are out, and having an afternoon break goes a long way to keep the soul sane.  When the snow is good, big turns and faster lanes are more easily enjoyed when there is no one that may run into (literally).

5)  End of Season Excitement:  The end of ski season is a little bittersweet.  Big powder days are gone.  However, days of white water rafting, mountain climbing, and lazy Summer deck sitting are imminent.  The closing days of Steamboat are very fun, and filled with the promise of epic Summer days, festivals, and camping.  We look forward to Steamboat Resort’s concert series each Saturday, and the closing day party, which has a big name band and many big smiles.

I’ve been Spring skiing a long time.  In my years, I’ve found Steamboat Resort and the season here to be some the most fun a person can have.  Between the birds and flowers of Spring, and the fun that can be had on the slopes, this season is one of the best I’ve experienced.