How to find out Happenings around Steamboat

Steamboat Springs has a lot to do.  Every day there are opportunities for sports, education, and music.  Sometimes it is overwhelming to make a decision about what to do.  This is a quick article on where to find the best information on events. Steamboat Today 

How to Find Local News on Steamboat Springs

Being up to date on local news is something I enjoy.  The news in Steamboat is more often feature stories over hard news.  Most hard news is related to local government, though sometimes we see our local law enforcement making good arrests or helping out 

How to Buy a Condo in Steamboat Springs

  In’s and Out’s of Buying a Resort Condo in Steamboat Springs Depending on why you want a condo, buying a condominium often seems easier than it really is. We have many different discussions with individuals and families regarding buying a resort condo. These discussions 

September in Steamboat

September has become a favorite month for me.  Steamboat in September is a beautiful place and as the days change from warm to cool, the colors are also changing.  Our gardens are producing the last of the squash and tomatoes that they can before the 

Steamboat History Links and Books

Steamboat has had a very western history.  Having been a place where Native Americans would not Winter over, it is now a bustling area of athletes, professionals, retirees, and folks who want to live in a beautiful place. Steamboat is known for the first ski 

Quick Hike up to Christie Peak

This Spring has been amazing weather!  Now, it’s starting to get a little dry.  So, I found it a great idea to hike up to Christie Peak before the Sun went down. This Summer has many mountain hikes in it for me.  There are 14,000 

Spring 2018 Trip to Fish Creek Falls Steamboat Springs

This weekend was a fantastic weather time for a day hike.  But before that, we took a bike ride down the Core Trail, next to the Yampa River.  With a slight breeze and the morning sun, we took a bike ride into town. On the 

5 Reasons Your Home Isn’t Selling in Steamboat Springs in 2018

Selling a home in Steamboat Springs in 2017 seemed easy for some, and tenuous for others.  Our market had a really good season up to Thanksgiving.  Then, as most Winters, the market went flat as thoughts of skiing, holidays and Winter events took over the 

Steamboat Springs Hot Springs

Many ski days end with a great idea: hot spring soaking.  Steamboat Springs is known for it’s high quality hot springs.  Though there are several hot springs in the area (some say over 150), three are warm enough to get a good soak.  In fact, 

Touring Steamboat Springs Homes

It’s Sunday afternoon and we were coming back from a birthday party.  My wife and I decided to tour condominium complexes in the Steamboat Boulevard area. This is a beautiful area with homes from different building booms over the last 20 years.  Some of the