Steamboat Springs to Salida for fun

Being in a mountain town valley, it is easy to get caught up in local living.  After some time, I realize I’ve been in town too long and a break, a getaway, is what is needed.  This time, K, let me know she was ready for something to do out of town.  I couldn’t agree more.  As is often the case, I spent more than a week working to find a place to go.  Starting late, it wasn’t easy finding a place that was within a good drive time and had places to stay.

Salida, Colorado is a favorite place of ours.  I’ve written about Salida and Buena Vista in the past.  They are excellent mountain communities with lots to do.  For our weekend getaway, we chose Salida because it is a few hours away and a place we know.  (I tried negotiating to go to the Wind River Range, but as husband, I’m often at the bargaining table with less to work with…)  On Friday afternoon, we took off on an unhurried drive south.

Having just brought home Pepper, our new Labrador mix, I searched for a dog-friendly hotel and found Loyal Duke Lodge.  The lodge is older but done well for dog owners.  It was easy to keep our puppy there and the decor everywhere was oriented to dog owners.  We had a great stay there! And it was close to Soulcraft Brewing and the Salida Hot Springs and Aquatic Center.  I was sold when I found it online.


Paul Weese Salida Steamboat Springs trip

Salida is a cute town with a fantastic downtown on the Arkansas River.  The area is historic, with older architecture speaking volumes about the town’s history.  Ranging from brick construction to newer, contemporary western looks, Salida is visually appealing.

Having been to Salida several times, we enjoyed going to our favorite art galleries, my favorite t-shirt shop, and eating downtown riverside.  On Saturday morning, we wandered downtown and found the Farmer’s Market on the way.  That was a real treat!  It had about 20+ vendors and plenty of local folks to talk with.  Pepper was the hit of the market getting pets from every kid and most adult dog lovers.  She made many people smile!

We are experienced travelers and expect that a restaurant choice may not be the best, even after reading reviews.  This trip did not give us a bad meal.  From classic hamburgers to shrimp scampi, our meals were a delight.  The Boathouse was our favorite.  It has a great atmosphere, and if you’re lucky enough to get a window seat, the Arkansas River provides plenty of ambiances to make a meal more fun.

Before dinner, we took time to walk the riverbank.  We enjoyed watching tubers, people using kayaks, and a few rafts floating by.  The downtown park area is very inviting. It is easy to relax, enjoy the greens of the trees and grasses, and soak your feet.  

Yes, we will be visiting Salida again this year.  It’s won our hearts!